Royal Prosciutto Stand Evolution

Entirely handmade from the finest materials, the Royal Prosciutto Stand - Classic, has a 29x64 cm

stand made with a 3 cm thick superior quality stone or granite, while the tongs are made of highly

polished stainless steel.

The tongs are designed so the prosciutto can be turned by 180 degrees without pulling it out from the tongs. There is also a possibility of sloping the prosciutto in the tongs, so you can cut it more efficiently and more easier. This prosciutto stand is the very top of the offer and as such is certainly the one of the best stands in the world, primarily intended for restaurants

and prosciutto cutters. Depending on the choice of stand material, each prosciutto stand weighs over 24 kilos.

Each prosciutto stand comes in a special wooden box in which you can store it when not in use.

The Customer Experience

Our product presents the perfect blend of tradition, outstanding functionality, impeccable design

and art in its superb craftsmanship and therefore, SB INNOVATION DESIGN company provides a

lifetime warranty for each prosciutto stand.

Royal Perks

Lifetime Warranty

Certificate of Ownership

*customization available

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