The Art Of Prosciutto Cutting

At the beginning of the 20th century, in the small home of the Babic and Spes family, settled under the mountain slopes of Ucka in the little town of Opatija, Croatia, the business was founded, which is now owned and run by the fourth generation of the renowned prosciutto stand manufacturers.

The favorable geographical position of Croatia, in the center of the Mediterranean, near Italy, has enabled the long term development of the ideal prosciutto stand which perfectly fits the shape of all world best prosciuttos, Croatian, Italian, Spanish etc.

The SB INNOVATION DESIGN company, founded by Marko Spes and Miljenko Babic, continues a century-long tradition of producing top-quality prosciutto stands, combining tradition, perfect functionality, exceptional design and art.

Through the years, many around the world have been convinced of the excellence of SB INNOVATION DESIGN prosciutto stands, so for example you can see it in the best restaurant in the world (Modena, Italy) as well as in the best butchery in the world (Sydney, Australia), it is used in the papal residence in Vatican as well as in the palace of Queen Elizabeth II.


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